As Google gets fatter there is more to love. I do

July 07, 2021

 How Google helped Christmas? In short: Twain news around the same time just softening the ice. Vacuum found. 

As Google gets fatter there is more to love. I do

Their new administrations spike others thusly, their feelings can influence some gigantic increment. At long last, abundance is spreading, from youthful tycoons to you and to a gen X-er like me.

A couple of days prior, I ran into an article about them that claims they assemble a protected net for themselves, and we all to utilize. How can one figure? Google quietly purchase left-over fiber optics at the most minimal costs. Something decent for what's to come…

Recently, I went to Mozilla Firefox to get a reference button for my forthcoming ezine. Have been utilizing Firefox following a 2-week spy and worm assault back in June. Around then, my work area had been imperceptible from spring up windows and the volume quieted for infection ready alarms and my helpless PC couldn't inhale utilizing IE.... Then, at that point I ran into Kaspersky, yet that karma just went on for 30 days too; they needed $70... Since free Firefox NOTHING not one single gatecrasher. I find harmony. IE currently sits and trenches… , while the FF modules make wonderful music.

Anyway, I go get the catch, and what do I peruse? They, Google, presently not just have a reference framework for adsense with slick little fastens, yet they will encourage Firefox with something like 'Google suggests Firefox'. I'm contacted! It's the best thing to occur for us, for these folks work in a speed that suits me, contrasted and MS. They're livin'.

However, pay attention to this, on the SAME DAY, indeed, yesterday, I get this article from Jim Edwards of named "Google's Next Step: Are Print Mail Order Catalogs Dead?"

He depicts how any good US print index is being recorded and the illustrations of each page displayed in their inventory information base for nothing, and for all time. Google even update it physically. My number one element is that your items on examined print pages will be connected to their twins on your site.

I'd call that traffic. That's right, the top quality traffic is free. Been saying that.

Thus, last evening, I kept awake, needed to in any case, since I was on a watch. Transferring my enormous records to, when ms programmed XP update out of nowhere needed to restart the PC. Took me some time to discover the best approach to turn that off.

Don't you envy the existence of those, who go through their days in a discourse with endearing Microsoft-warez. Have we made a beast purchasing Bill's stuff? My day washes by suffering Frontpage crashes and Word eccentricities I may never become acclimated to, but then I by one way or another am.

No, that is not the motivation behind why I composed this. What I needed to say is:

"Get your print inventory to Google on schedule for Christmas." US as it were.

1-Download this Free: (Demo-restricted to 10)

2-Upload your Files Here and pay next to no: little! Least 25 Catalogs)

3-Go to and get the postage information.

I allow you 10 days.

Anyway, then, at that point I think, what might be said about the folks from Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada, South Africa, India?

Simple, last night I kept awake and made a site to give them access on it. Perhaps you might want to do it's anything but; a lasting spot on Google's new list beta site, I mean.

Come look. Gotta be bought in.